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Guy Gilchrist's Cartooning TV Show Pilot

Hi! My name is Guy Gilchrist and I'm a Cartoonist. I'm having an incredible career....for the last twenty years,writing and drawing the NANCY comic strip that is in newspapers all over the world, and teaching cartooning to kids of all ages for over 30 years!

When I was just 24, Jim Henson chose me to write and draw The Muppets comic strip, and from there, my career really took off! Of course it did! I was drawing the MUPPETS! Jim also asked me to help create The Muppet Babies! I worked on Fraggle Rock with Jim, too!

Because of Jim Henson, immediately, I was in the spotlight, all over TV and the rest of the media, and being asked to make appearances all over the USA and the world! I was even Guest of Honor at the White House in 1984 and had my work enshrined in The Smithsonian. My love for teaching cartooning and motivating people to achieve all their dreams began right then! My dreams had ALL come true! I wanted YOURS to come true, too!

I guess I'm a naturally born teacher and entertainer.
Since I had little formal art training, coming from a childhood where we were poor and couldn't afford college, I learned everything on the job. I began my cartooning career at age 14, and had all my wildest dreams coming true, I always felt compelled to help others reach their goals! I feel very strongly that whatever your lot in life is, no matter where you are in your life's is never too late or too early to make your dreams your goals and then....your reality! From nothing, I achieved success. I wanted to help others....with the gifts I had. And I did! Immediately, giving back by teaching cartooning everywhere I went!

As my career kept getting more and more successful, with me taking on the character licensing of other amazing cartoons like Loony Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tiny Toons, Pink Panther, and Minnie Mouse, along the way writing 59 children's books, and winning a couple of Reuben Catagory Awards from the National Cartoonists Society for Best Illustrator, and several Awards from the United Nations Children's Council. Oh, yeah... then I took over the iconic Nancy and Sluggo comic strip!

WOW. It's been a wild, fantastic ride! And through it all, my passion for helping people, entertaining and educating through stories and cartoons has been a major driving force!

Now I want to bring all these passions to the TV screen, and I need your help to do it!

Think "Bob Ross"..... but on steroids and all about Cartooning! That's the show I want to make. And my partners? I've got some real heavy hitters from Hollywood who believe in this show very much and want to make a pilot, and that's going to run $25,000 in production fees. These folks have launched many TV shows, with several running today! They strongly believe that if we make this pilot, it will get on the air! Will you help? I've come up with all kinds of perks to give you in support of this project to thank you for your generosity.

In gratitude for your financial support, I have perks available ranging from signed prints of my characters, signed books, original art from my Muppets and Nancy comic strips, custom drawings, personal phone consultations, portfolio reviews, career mentoring sessions....and I'll even go so far as to show up at your house and draw pictures at your party!! Really! Everyone who contributes will also recieve a link to the finished pilot! With folks contributing 20 dollars or more receiving an autographed DVD of the show! I want this show to be YOURS as well as mine! And I want you to see where the money is going! I KNOW we can make this happen....with YOUR help, and my connections and history!

If we can raise this $25,000 for the production fees, by the way...the producers and director are putting their time in at NO CHARGE! They are ALL IN on this because they believe in this show so strongly! Isn't it time to bring Cartooning Education and Entertainment BACK to the TV screen?? When I was growing up, we had all kinds of cartooning on TV! Walt Disney and Walter lantz taught us how to draw their most famous characters and told us stories! Every little town had a Cartooning and Drawing Entertainer on the air! Now?? NOTHING! The kids and adults need this! I see it everytime I do a talk, do a tv appearance, a comic con, or invite folks into my studio! People are fascinated with drawing! Let's do this!

On this show, I will teach you everything you want to know about how to draw my characters, and how to create your own! I've created an entire curriculum that is fun and focused! I ran a Cartooning Academy in Connecticut for 7 years teaching! I also have had dozens of apprentices and interns who went onto amazing careers! Former students of mine have gone onto careers where they have won their own Reuben Awards, and have massive success. One is illustrating magazines and books for the biggest publishers! Another is animating shows on tv right now! More have huge careers in Commercial Art, Illustration, and Fine Arts.I want to do the same thing for the next generations. This show won't only be for art students, though! IT'S FOR EVERYBODY! Whether you want to draw along or not! You will be entertained! But think of lessons if you want it, stories and entertainment whether you draw or not...and the chance to reach out to everyone! What about folks who could use some Art Therapy?! From children to seniors to the recovering, Art Therapy is a wonderful pastime.... and I want to be your guide to the wonderful world of your imagination! And, man, will we have fun!! I've been speaking professionally for over 35 years and have entertained and educated literally at least 100,000 people in person, as well as millions through my guest spots on tv! It is my joy and my passion and I want to bring it to our very own TV SHOW!

YOU will see the fruits of all our labors! You will receive links to the production, and DVDs autographed by me as soon as we are done with the production....which will start IMMEDIATELY after we reach our goal!!! We want to pitch this THIS SUMMER! Get on the air THIS YEAR! This is ready to go NOW! EVERYONE has cleared their calendars to jump all over this! This will be so cool!!! And YOU will know...YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

OK....but What do we do if we don't reach our entire goal? Where will your money go then? While I don't want to think we won't reach $25,000 dollars....if we fall short, I will use the money to put the curriculum I have already created up ONLINE at our website, , so that folks around the world will still have access to LEARNING! to my teaching! My passion for sharing my years of cartooning! This is a great passion of mine....teaching. I will spend the rest of my life eliminating the barriers between education and the folks that seek it. So, no matter WHAT the outcome...your dollars enrich the lives of others! Isn't that why we all do what we do?

I will be sharing news and updates each and every week at our website, and on all my social media! Check my links to this campaign. I'm on Instagram too, they didn't have a spot for that on IndieGoGo's links.. but just search GUYFGILCHRIST on IG! We will be completely transparent, and completely connected and all in!

Please share this dream with me. Any amount of money will help. 5, 10, 20 dollars. Whatever you can afford! It all adds up! Of course....the more generous a contribution you can make....the more fun the perks! If you can't make a monetary contribution, but still want to be a part of this amazing project, then please share this link with everyone you know on all your social media! This dream only comes true with your help! I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS! God bless you!